To celebrate the beginning of the new school year, Best Eyecare Associates is partnering with Food for Hope to provide food to those students in need in Adams County. Over 14,000 students in Adams County depend upon the meals they receive at school to fill their bellies. Food for Hope provides the food those children need to make it through the weekend hunger free. Our office will be collecting non-perishable foods and money donations from July 15th through August 31st.
Some of the most needed food goods are:

*Canned Fruit (light syrup)
*Canned Vegetables (low or no sodium)
*Canned Chicken, Salmon, Tuna *Peanut Butter
*Canned Beans (low or no sodium)
*Whole Wheat, Corn, or Flour tortillas
*Granola/Protein Bars
*Applesauce (no sugar added)
*Oatmeal (box of individual packets)
*Whole Grain Cereal (Lower Sugar Individual Servings)
*Beef Stew/Hearty Canned Soups

If a money donation is better for you then please keep in mind $5 a week is all that is needed to keep a child fed. So even a small donation can go a long way.
Help us make this school year a successful one for the students of Adams County!