Choosing the right frame can be a difficult decision. There are many factors in choosing the correct frame. Of course, fashion and whether the frame is complementary to your features are very important factors but a frame must also be complementary to your prescription. For patients with stronger prescriptions, the choice of frame can be made more difficult. Our friendly opticians will help you find frames that are suitable for your prescription and very happily offer opinions on what styles and colors look best.

The frame material can also be very important. For patients with metal allergies, there are several options in frame materials. Plastic or acetate frames would be the most common solution. Plastic frames come in many colors and styles. The fit of a plastic frame is very important, as they are not as adjustable as frames with nose pads. They typically have a molded nose piece which many patients find more comfortable than adjustable nose pads. Stainless steel can be another option. Steel tends to be less irritating to sensitive skin than more base metals. Titanium is one of the most lightweight and durable materials for frames, along with being considered hypoallergenic. Whatever material you like, there is a multitude of colors, shapes, and styles.

Here at Best Eyecare Associates, we carry a large selection of frames. We are confident you will find something you will love. Our opticians, with more than a half-century of combined experience, will help guide you to the glasses and sunglasses that will make you excited for your new prescription.

Our Optical Boutique 

Dr. Best believes that everyone should have a great pair of glasses that not only corrects their vision but suits their personality. Thus, Dr. Best stocks traditional frames as well as exciting new styles of eyewear from designers across the globe. It could not be easier to find your next eyeglasses that show off your eyes and your fashion sense when you come to browse our optical boutique.

Some of the brands you will find when you visit our optical boutique include: