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Posted on 09-30-2016

Treating Chronic Dry Eye With Your Thornton Optometrist

Are you sick of gritty, itchy eyes? Do you hate having to take breaks from your favorite activities, like reading, due to stinging in the eye? If you have these symptoms, it could mean you have chronic dry eye and that it's time to talk to our Thornton optometrist. 

Man rubbing eye before seeing a Thornton optometrist

What is Chronic Dry Eye? 

A condition that causes burning eyes, chronic dry eye affects women more than men. You are more likely to get chronic dry eye as you age, or if you wear contacts. Additional symptoms include watery eyes, redness, stinging, and feeling like there's something in your eye you can't get out. 

Without treatment from a Thornton eye doctor, chronic dry eye can affect your ability to drive safely, shop, text your friends, use the computer, and work. 

Dry Eye Treatment From a Thornton Optometrist

Our Thornton optometrist offers many resources for the management of dry eye, including eyelove, an eye care awareness program endorsed by celebrity Jennifer Aniston. See Jen's video about her eye drops addiction and newfound eyelove over at eyelove. Often, by making lifestyle changes, decreasing the use of eye drops (which can make things worse) and working with our Thornton optometrist, you can relieve pain from chronic dry eye. 

Our eye doctor will educate you on lifestyle habits that can be making your dry eye symptoms worse. By taking more breaks when you work at the computer, wearing blue light glasses to block computer glare, or increasing the humidity in your home, you can relieve the itching and stinging sensations you feel. By using warm compresses on the eyes or taking an omega-3 supplement like fish oil, you can reduce itchy eyes and other dry eye symptoms. 

Think of your Thornton optometrist like the eyelove expert. They will help you get back the ability to do all the things you love, which now cause burning eyes. But, it's up to you to take the first step and call for an appointment to benefit from their expertise in eyelove! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today or set up an appointment online. Your eyes will thank you! 

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